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With Renaissance Home Connect, students, their parents, and other family members can log in from their home computers for up-to-the-minute information on reading and math progress. Now, parents can play an active, monitoring role in their children’s daily reading and math practice, helping them stay motivated and achieve greater growth.
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Vocabulary Practice

Prereading activity:

Copy/paste text of reading into Wordle and predict what the main ideas of the reading will be.

After reading:

Reflect on the reading based on a prompt (examples: main idea, what you've learned, funniest element, etc). Collect all reflections into a Wordle.

Comparision skills:

Using two different accounts/essays on the same theme/event, compare the Wordles generated by each.

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MAP Practice

The Great Kapok TreeKapok_tree.jpg

This week we are reading an environmental fiction story called The Great Kapok Tree. Here is a site to learn more about the Amazon Rainforest:

Photo tour of a rainforest