Renaissance Home ConnectWith Renaissance Home Connect, students, their parents, and other family members can log in from their home computers for up-to-the-minute information on reading and math progress. Now, parents can play an active, monitoring role in their children’s daily reading and math practice, helping them stay motivated and achieve greater growth. Here is some additional information about Renaissance Home Connect:

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See these instructions to get set up:

Setting up Renaissance Home Connect
A Parent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect
Renaissance Home Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Math Vocabulary Practice

Use Wordle for Classroom Polls
1. Discuss favorite colors (birthday month, animal, etc.)
2. Everyone types favorite color into the text of Wordle.
3. Wordle automatically shows the favorite color by the letter size.

Math Spy Guy

Do Lessons on:

  • Rounding Numbers

  • Place Value
  • Working With Angles
  • Area and Perimeter


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