After reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, students wrote Haiku poems. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is about nature. It contains only three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables.

Wherain.jpgn rain hits the ground

falling gently from the sky

dancing on cement


external image 2541931735_a5006f5776_m.jpg

Fly beyond the ground

cawing like their in bad pain

racing with the wind.


external image 5229928265_b3ec5bf813_s.jpg

Dart like an arrow

hawks shoot down to catch their prey

grab it in their claws.

Water waves at me water calls me to go in so I race the wind. Kyla external image 5415577354_3167f93229_m.jpgexternal image 5338151979_b3bc9e10d6_s.jpg

Stars light up the sky

like millions of diamonds

hanging in the sky.


external image 5289991939_99cf542a81_s.jpg

Clouds float in the sky

looking like pillers of smoke

dancing in the wind.


external image 4648356455_fab0928df1_s.jpgRain falls from the sky

rapidly pocking the earth
the eath drinks it up

external image 5132441810_5419d87a9b_s.jpgRain is here and there
you can see puddles of it
after a storm comes
external image 4393945981_5bff619b4e.jpg

Picking up grass in its path,
A tornado blows fiercefully across the prairie.Also leaving a black trail.As it shows its dark evil rath.We hope the tornado won't destroy our house.Devin
external image 3550940428_b942b4843f_s.jpgDolphins leap and laugh
they play around in the pool
and they train and swim


external image 5191498525_94971a81b8.jpg

Earth drinks sweet waterexternal image 2258655284_520bf0b401.jpg
Earth drinks it with great hurt
It drinks it with thanksDanyaDeer racing the wind antlers cutting like a knifetails up in the air.Andrewexternal image 1410819823_cbf4dc9d08.jpgLions roar like trainsscaring all their enemiesso they can go cry.Santiago
external image 4954868997_d8166838b4.jpg
Birds glide through the skylike a flag waving gentlyflying with the windKoby