Welcome to Our Class Wiki!ClassList.jpg

To better serve students, parents and the community, I have created a wiki for my 4th grade students. A wiki is a group website where we will be able to create simple web pages that can be edited and worked on as a class.

This wiki is intended to provide an opportunity for the students to practice 21st Century skills to help prepare them for the future.
We are going to start small! As we became more comfortable, I hope that you will also be able to view information about the activities in our classroom, learn about our curriculum, special events, and homework assignments.

It is my hope to keep building this site with a wide variety of uses. Listed below are some of the ways I hope to use the Wiki in the future:
  • Showcase student writing
  • an annotated virtual library, using listings and commentary on books that the students have read throughout the year
  • collaborative book reviews or author studies
  • an elementary class “encyclopedia” on a special topic, or area of study, such state history
  • A virtual tour of our school and schedule of what we do during the day
  • A travel log of our field trips

  1. 5-w
  2. book order
  3. books
  4. careers
  5. daily language
  6. elkhorn valley museum
  7. goals
  8. guidance
  9. haiku
  10. information
  11. internet
  12. japanese
  13. johnny carson theater
  14. kids
  15. language arts
  16. lifelong learning center
  17. math
  18. nature
  19. nebraska
  20. northeast college
  21. parents
  22. personification
  23. poems
  24. reading
  25. reviews
  26. safety
  27. schedule
  28. scholastic
  29. science
  30. social studies
  31. spelling
  32. students
  33. writing